Woola is a New Zealand company and produces natural New Zealand sleep products.

Their products are made with natural materials. All natural products are sustainably sourced and are totally New Zealand. This means they are hand crafted in New Zealand, by New Zealanders.

The purpose behind Woola is to keep New Zealand green, sustainable and beautiful. Woola do this by producing completely natural latex and wool mattresses, pillows, natural hemp and cotton linen covers and tags and handmade New Zealand timber bed bases.

100% New Zealand Wool

Woola beds are made with 100% New Zealand wool, providing you with year long comfort. Wool is a marvel of nature with its ability to regulate temperature. It is also naturally flame and water resistant and one of the softest materials out there.

100% Natural Latex Rubber & Natural Fibre Covers

For the core of Woola’s wool mattresses, they only use 100% natural latex rubber, which is where the strength and longevity comes from. The three natural fibres used to cover woola products are cotton, linen or hemp.

We are proud to stock woola and be part of the sustainable solution to sleep in New Zealand.

To get the most out of your experience, come and visit the Sleep Space Sylvia Park store and feel what a 100% natural New Zealand wool mattress feels like.

Find out more at woola.co.nz


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