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There is no comparison. The Dreamnwool Euphoria mattress is the ultimate in luxury. With layers of micro coils and micro pocket springs, combined with natural latex and pure Merino wool you are cocooned in opulent luxury.

Enjoy the improved sleeping comfort and airflow through the mattress and experience the levitating effect of the Original English Spinks micro-coils. There are 4000+ micro-coils in a Queen size mattress!! Superior ventilation and resiliency is achieved with the micro-coil pocketsprings and 100% pure Merino wool. This combination adapts to the bodies micro climate to better control temperature and humidity, necessary for a more balanced comfort and better sleep throughout the night.

This offers a real benefit for hot sleepers and those seeking relief from pressure points. Merino wool fibre is coiled and springy, trapping millions of tiny air pockets, thus creating wools thermal insulation properties, absorbing and releasing moisture to give you a drier, healthier and more comfortable sleep.

The Euphoria mattress exclusively features two full size Danish micro pocket spring units.
No foam, no Glue and no synthetic fillings.
10 year warranty.

All king, Super King and Californian King mattresses use two mattresses and one underquilt, so that we can create a tailored mattress for each partner.

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