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Choose from our extensive range of made to order headboards in your choice of Warwick fabrics, or design your own.

It's as easy as...

Step 1: Choose Your Size

No matter what size bed you have, at Sleep Space, we can design a headboard to suit. You may want an oversized headboard to make an impact and so we can make your headboard wider or taller than normal. 

Remember to allow for power points and light switches when deciding on the size.

We make to order, so you get to choose.

Q: What height should my headboard be?

An easy rule of thumb is to measure the height of your mattress and base and double it. This will usually make your headboard look in proportion to your bed.

If you want to get a feel for how it will look, place a strip of masking tape on the wall behind your bed and stand back to view. Place it where it looks best to you. That’s an easy way to decide on height. There are no rules really. Of course if you decide on a wider than normal look you can try the same tip.

Step 2: Choose Your Design

We can help here. For your custom made headboard at Sleep Space, you get to choose from an amazing range of styles. Remember to take into account the complexity of your design. This will impact on price as your headboard will be made to order for you.

The same old chestnuts apply here: vertical lines will look skinnier than horizontal lines.  Buttoned headboards will look more formal than plain headboards. Wings can help frame a design as can a border.

We make to order, so you get to choose.

Q: How does the bedhead fix to the bed?

All of our bed heads come with universal headboard slots so that they can be bolted onto the bed.

Q: Can Sleep Space do an in home measure and quote?

Absolutely. We offer a no obligation, free measure and quote service in the Auckland metropolitan area.

Step 3: Choose Your Fabric

At Sleep Space we use and recommend WARWICK fabrics and in particular, our very popular easy to clean HALO ranges.

We carry an extensive range of samples in store and we can arrange for samples to be sent to your home, so you can see how they look in the unique light of your bedroom.

For deep buttoned designs we recommend soft fabrics such as velvets and velours. For more contemporary designs why not try some texture, suede look or leather look.

We make to order so you get to choose.

Q: Can you make a base in the same fabric as the headboard?

Absolutely, high or low, with or without drawers.

Customise your sleep space with us

We're excited to help recreate your sleep space and bring your vision to life with a custom made headboard. Let's get started!

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Looking for inspiration? See a collection of different headboard shapes and styles here at Sleep Space.

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