Founded over 40 years ago, Dreamwool is a family owned bed company based in the South Island of New Zealand.

Dreamwool sleep systems use the technology of nature, combining 100% pure New Zealand Merino wool, natural latex and pro-biotics. The combination of these products is the secret behind how Dreamwool produce premium quality mattresses.

Wool is a natural insulator. This means it traps heat in cooler weather and absorbing heat and perspiration in warmer weather. Because of this, Dreamwool mattresses make for a comfortable nights sleep no matter the season.

Totally natural non toxic and chemical free.

Dreamwool natural mattresses are made using natural Purotex, probiotic micro-organisms to create a healthier sleeping environment.

This reduces dust mite allergens, odors and moulds.

How does the combination of merino wool, natural latex & pro-biotics help with sleep?

There are many benefits to sleeping on Dreamwool natural mattresses. The natural products work together to control humidity and temperature and providing comfortable support. They are a dust repellant so reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and are completely harmless and chemical free.

Plastic is great for some places but not in your bed. Dreamwool mattresses are filled with natural products, keeping you comfortable all year long.

To get the most out of your experience, come and visit the Sleep Space Sylvia Park store and feel for yourself the comfort and support of a Dreamwool mattress. 

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