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Sleep Space - Your Sleep Specialists

You wouldn’t buy a pair of good shoes without trying them on for size, and the same should apply when selecting a pillow.

Just take a quick look at your partner and yourself... different heights, different weights, different shoulder widths and more than likely different sleeping positions. Now imagine trying to guess what pillow will help, with not only your spinal alignment but also your unique sleep patterns. That’s where we can help. We know Pillows and Accessories. 

Drop into Sleep Space, make yourself at home and let us fit you to your perfect pillows and accessories, just like a shoe fitting.

We specialise in unique Ergonomic models and luxurious comfort models. Sleep Space, your destination for pillow advice and of course the right price. No matter what type of sleeper you are, we have you sorted.

Want to get some advice on what pillows and accessories are best for you?

Either call or email us direct or fill in the below details so we can get in touch with you! 

Phone: 021 082 35696
Email: col@sleepspace.co.nz

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