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From the moment you lay down, to the moment you wake up, TEMPUR ® responds to your body.

We are one of the leading New Zealand suppliers of TEMPUR ®. We stand by their mattresses, with every bed in our household fitted with one. The comfort level of a mattress is a very personal consideration and so you can find an option to suit you within the TEMPUR ® range. 

There’s no wonder why TEMPUR ® has become a leading brand worldwide when it comes to sleep solutions.

TEMPUR ® was made famous for pioneering the industry with the original memory-foam mattress they designed, which fits comfortably to your exact body shape. Combine that with the contemporary design of the mattress and bed bases and you have a bed that not only feels amazing, but looks amazing too.

So, what’s the difference between TEMPUR ® memory-foam mattresses and some other brands out there?

TEMPUR ® material was originally used by NASA to cushion astronauts during lift off as they journeyed into space back in the 1970’s. 

TEMPUR ® sleep scientists quickly saw potential in this material and started to invest in how they could use TEMPUR ® to revolutionize how people sleep around the world. They produced their first mattress back then and they invest millions into improving their formulas and innovating new products each year. 

There is no memory-foam mattress on the marketplace that beats the feeling of a TEMPUR ® bed.

If you’re looking for a premium sleep solution, adjustable bed bases, quality memory-foam mattresses and pillows that mold to your body shape, choose TEMPUR ®. 

We have the largest range of TEMPUR ® in New Zealand.

To get the most out of your experience, come and visit the Sleep Space Sylvia Park store and feel for yourself the comfort and support of a TEMPUR ® mattress.

Find out more at nz.tempur.com


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