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Sleep Space is proud to be a preferred stockist of genuine TEMPUR mattresses.

The new TEMPUR range is here, and it is fantastic.

There are a number of models available, and here at Sleep Space, we have chosen to display and sell what we believe are the best options. 

To read more about what makes this new range so special (as well as how it compares to the old range), click the button below.

Genuine TEMPUR mattresses are made in either Denmark or the USA.

All TEMPUR mattresses that are sold in NZ are made in Denmark. The US factories supply North America including Canada. Any mattress that is labelled “by TEMPUR” is an injection model and does not fit the criteria of a true TEMPUR mattress but instead will have a small amount of TEMPUR in its construction, so as to be able to reference the TEMPUR brand.

At Sleep Space we do not sell these models. Most retailers will carry their own "house branded" models, using different model names, which may make it difficult for you to shop around and compare. Here at Sleep Space we endeavour to demystify the process.

We only carry 3 models, each in 3 feels.

Firstly, there is no difference in quality between our three models, just a comfort choice. Our Flagship model is called Pro Luxe Lynx. It is 30cm deep which is the deepest of our TEMPUR mattresses. The feel options are soft, medium and medium-firm. We can explain the benefits of each feel to you during a consultation, or you can click here for a more in depth explanation. Our Pro Plus Helius model offers the same feel choices in a 27cm mattress, as does our Pro Sol model at 23cm. We highly recommend these models.

Adjustable Bases

All TEMPUR bases are made by Ergomotion, a Californian headquartered  company, with its state of the art production facility based in China. All TEMPUR adjustable bases are warranted by TEMPUR and proudly carry the TEMPUR logo. TEMPUR adjustable bases range from models with the most basic functions through to the most sophisticated.

The quality remains constant and the warranty is consistent for all models. TEMPUR adjustable bases are the perfect way to ergonomically enhance the benefits of a TEMPUR mattress.

Tempur Pillows

So many of our satisfied TEMPUR customers started their TEMPUR journey by purchasing a TEMPUR pillow. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on for size and the same logic applies to pillows. Most of our TEMPUR ergonomic pillows come in a range of sizes for the perfect personal fit.

Allow us to fit you to a TEMPUR pillow. We are here to help you make an informed choice and as ex, long term TEMPUR senior managers, we know what we’re talking about.


We could write a hundred blogs on why TEMPUR is one of the top brands worldwide when it comes to sleep solutions - but instead, we've sourced some videos online that tell the story for us!

Watch the videos below to find out more about TEMPUR.


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