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As we've stated before, at Sleep Space, we only stock what we love. So, why do we love Weave?

Their products are pre-washed and aero finished for extra softness. The aero finishing technique is created by pushing fabric against a special grid, using very high speeds of air. The outcome is a softer touch, improved texture and a better drape of the fabric. Their Flax Linen is sourced all the way from Normandy, France — the highest quality flax producing area in the world! To top it all off, their products are packaged in beautiful reusable linen bags that match the colour of your product. 

If you’ve had linen sheets in the past, then you don’t need us to tell you why they’re so incredible. For the uninitiated, linen has a luxurious, organic feel, is naturally moth resistant, boasts breathable natural fibres that regulate temperature (keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter) and is environmentally friendly. 

A very common misconception is that a high thread count equates to a higher quality product — this is not true, and Weave understand this. The quality of the thread is far more important. Once you touch and feel what Weave has to offer, you will absolutely notice what sets it apart.

Available in several modish colours, Weave’s collection will undoubtedly make an excellent new addition to your Sleep Space.


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