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Introducing The New TEMPUR Range

The new TEMPUR range is here at last, and it is fantastic.

There are a number of models available, and here at Sleep Space, we have chosen only to display and sell what we believe are the best options.

Now, as always, the choices can be confusing, so we will try to explain them simply. 

The models that are available to all authorised stockists are: Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Luxe

Each stockist will have a unique name attached to these individual models in order to differentiate them from other stores - our models are Pro Sol (23cm), Pro Plus Helius (27cm) and Pro Luxe Lynx (30cm).  These have distinctly different feels to each other through each of the firmness options. 

Firstly, let us say that the new models offer greater pressure relief and less partner disturbance, absolutely. 

In some instances, this is at the expense of the 'old' TEMPUR feel. If you like the old TEMPUR Original, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the new medium/firm. The new medium has lost some of its buoyancy but certainly has less partner disturbance. 

The new soft is not quite as soft as the old model, but makes up for it with greater pressure relief. 

We have chosen not to display the 20cm One model, as we feel there is not quite enough of the active TEMPUR material in it to be as effective as we would like. This is, of course, only in our opinion, and we would be happy to explain our choices with you in-store. 

If you have read our blogs in the past, you will be aware that we are not in favour of cooling technologies in mattresses - we have yet to see any that work for more than a few minutes. Therefore, the models we have chosen do not feature them. We are happy, however, to supply cooling mattress protectors for those who believe they will be of some benefit. At least with a cooling mattress protector, the benefit is as close to your skin as possible.

Lastly, let us say that at Sleep Space, we all sleep on TEMPUR mattresses and adjustable bases. Nobody understands TEMPUR more than we do. We love TEMPUR  and are more than happy to give well informed, expert advice on the new range. 

As always, feel free to pop in, make yourself at home and test out the latest models for yourself. 

-Deb, Col & Kian.


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