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What is a 'Sleep Guarantee'?

A 'Sleep Guarantee' or 'Comfort Guarantee' is a sales gimmick used by more and more retailers these days...

... we believe they are deceptive and they are lazy. 

Generally in these guarantees, if you're unhappy with your purchase, the retailer offers to take back your used mattress within 30, 60, 90 or even 100 days and replace it with a model of equal value. You will be charged for the pick-up and redelivery, which is fair, but of course it is a disincentive to take advantage of the offer. There are other conditions - mainly relating to hygiene - and these are also reasonable and fair. 

What a great deal! 

But wait, how can they afford to do this in the first place? Well, there are a number of ways, but none of them are going to give you any peace of mind...

...Firstly, if the price is highly inflated to begin with, it will just become a numbers game (a bit like buying insurance). The retailer expects to get 1 in 4 mattresses back, and therefore builds the cost into the price to cover this. 

Some retailers offering a 'Sleep Guarantee' will repackage their returned mattresses and sell them as 'new' to the next unsuspecting customer: it's hard to tell the difference between a mattress that has been used for a couple of months and a brand new mattress straight from the factory, and so this ploy often works. 

But is that what you are willing to risk? Is that what you expect?

At Sleep Space, we have never offered a 'Sleep Guarantee' and we never will. We will give you our expert knowledge and advice, and we will do our very best to fit you to a suitable mattress, base and/or pillow, all within your budget range. You will not be pressured into making a purchase with us, nor will you be lulled into a false sense of security by gimmicky offers. 

We guarantee the best price, the best advice and the best value. We are a family business. Come in and make yourself at home. 

- Deb, Col & Kian.


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