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No Cost Quote & Advice

Once upon a time, the only people who had two story houses were the very wealthy! Yes, I am showing my age. 

Now, we have plenty of people living in two and even three storey homes. The need for putting three or four bedroom homes on a very small footprint necessitated this. 

Unfortunately, this usually comes with the hassle of tiny, narrow stairwells. 

More and more we are encountering issues with not being able to get King, Queen and sometimes even Double beds up these stairs. 

We can avoid these problems if we know what to expect when we deliver and install. For that reason, we offer our customers the option of a no charge quote and advice service. 

This is far more convenient and less expensive than having our installation team turn up, only to find that the bed you were expecting to sleep on that night just won't fit! 

I have been in this business for over 40 years. I would be happy to carry out a site inspection prior to your purchase and to offer advice accordingly, all at no charge and no obligation. Give me a call to arrange a time. 

- Col (021 976 464)


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