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Big Brands vs. Sleep Space

We are often asked why our mattress ranges are far less expensive than similar looking "big brand" models...

...There are a number of factors which come into play here, starting with our business structure.

Firstly, we are a truly independent family business. This means that we don’t pay rebates and fees to a franchise head office. It also means that our suppliers don’t pay rebates to the same franchise head offices. All of these rebates must be built into the final price. This can mean at least a 20% difference in price before we even get to the construction of our beds.

Secondly, we do not build in a marketing cost. Nearly every mass produced mattress brand will have labels such as ‘ Chiropractic’, ‘Chiropedic’, ‘Posturepedic’, ‘Physiopractic’ or something similar — these are just labels. They are there to sound good but they promise no unique benefit other than being well made. For the same quality products with the same 10 year guarantees, our mattresses will always be better value.

Lastly, we personally choose the construction of each and every one of the beds we have in our showroom. We hand select the features we want in order to achieve the feels and constructions we want to offer. We have choices that are not generally available when buying mass produced beds. We understand beds and we listen to you regarding your unique, individual requirements.

If you’re in the market for a mattress, shop around and then come to us, and as always, make yourself at home.

-Deb, Col & Kian.


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