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“Cooling technology” in beds – too good to be true?

A lot of hot air is talked by some mattress salespeople selling the benefits of “cooling” layers, either in or on top of mattresses. There is a very simple way to test the effectiveness of these so called “miracle layers”.

To be most effective, this “cooling layer” should sit in the top layer of your bed. To test it out, try this:

  1. Touch the surface. Does it feel cool to touch? Yes! So far, so good!
  2. Now… sit on it for 30 seconds.
  3. Then, stand up and place your hand on it again. It will feel warm. 

This “cooling layer” very quickly absorbs your body heat and becomes totally ineffective. 

So, the only way you benefit from its “cool touch” feel is to move to a different position every 30 seconds or so throughout the night. 

Its a gimmick! 

Now imagine if the magic layer were embedded somewhere below the surface. It would be even less effective!

If you sleep hot, there are real ways to help.

Check your linen

Only use pure cotton or linen sheet and duvet covers. And never buy them with a thread count of more than 600. The higher the thread count, the less they will breath

Don’t heat your bedroom

The perfect temperature for your sleeping comfort is around 18 degrees celsius.

Invest in a fan

If the room is warm, try using a fan on a low setting. This can help immensely. Airflow is great for sleeping comfort.

Have you any wool?

If you are looking for a product that will insulate you better than any “cooling” gimmick… you can’t go past wool.

Wool is naturally the greatest insulator known. It is perfect to use either as an under blanket or as a comfort layer in your mattress.

As an example of the effectiveness of wool in extreme situations, think of an old car with vinyl seats on a scorching day in a desert. The best way to keep cool is to use a woolen seat cover. In that same desert, in the middle of the coldest night, you’d cover yourself with a woolen blanket.

If you want my advice

Be very sceptical of the claims made by salespeople selling “cooling technology”.

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