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Max’s Sleep Tips

Let us introduce you to our sleep expert Max.

Max is our seven year old Birman.

Max doesn’t chase or kill birds.

Max doesn’t jealously guard his territory from other cats.

Max preens himself and…

Max sleeps. And sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps!

Max has kindly consented to share his wisdom through his “sleep tips” blog on our website. As we are in the midst of a humid Auckland summer he has offered the
following advice…

How to get a better sleep in the hot, humid, summer!

Meow. Hello! Max here.

Tossing and turning through summer nights can be most annoying.

In summer, I often sleep on our tiled floor at home and usually where there is a gentle breeze to be found, by an open window or in front of a fan. The purr of a fan soothes me for some reason.

Obviously I don’t worry about sheets or blankets, but if I did the sheets would be pure cotton and no more than a 600 thread count. A higher thread count than that would mean the weave is too tight and that would impede air flow.

I’ve done a bit of research and checked the linen cupboards, so I know for a fact that my humans use a summer weight cotton and tencel blanket. They don’t toss and turn in the night, so this seems to comfort them!

Now, I don’t recommend you sleep on the tiles, as I do, since, well, you’re not a cat! Unless you are a cat reading this, then *meow* to you.

What I do think is imperative, is for you to find a supportive mattress with enough comfort layers to suit your individual needs. 

I often get asked, “Max, don’t you get hot with all that fur in the summer?”

Now, no question is a silly question. But to this, the answer is a simple: “No!”

Try and imagine how a fur coat works… visualize with me.

My fluffy coat doesn’t heat or cool me, it insulates me and it wicks moisture away from my skin. So even if I get hot and sweaty, I feel dry and comfortable.

If you are a hot and sweaty sleeper, the best thing you can do is try a woolen under blanket, or even better, a mattress with a good layer of wool in the quilt. Wool is natures best insulator and could be the answer to your problem.

I will stick to my fur coat though, as I don’t want to be accused of being a cat in sheep’s clothing!

One last thing before I go for my nap…

Make sure if you have a duvet cover on your summer duvet, that it’s also not a high thread count! It will also hold lots of heat in. Your body needs to breathe. 

For more sleep tips or advice, visit my humans in store at Sleep Space Sylvia Park.

Sleep well, Max!


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