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Mattress Construction

Hand Built
Made to Order
Production Line

We specialise in two iconic New Zealand mattress ranges, each hand built in New Zealand featuring pure New Zealand wool. 

These Dreamwool and Woola mattress ranges are all hand built and made to order. 

Unlike large mass produced mattresses which come off an assembly line, each one is hand crafted for its future owner. 

When we say a mattress has pure wool in its construction, we don't mean thin strands of wool blended with synthetic fibres, we mean pure wool

Similarly, when we say it has latex rubber, we don't mean a thin layer of latex rubber glued to high density foam. 

Try lifting one of our hand built mattresses and then do the same with a mass produced model. The difference is remarkable.

Made in NZ
Assembled in NZ
Made in China, Vietnam or Denmark

Most mass produced mattresses sold in New Zealand are labeled as 'made in New Zealand'. The simple fact is that they are assembled here using at least some imported components. There is nothing wrong with this, it's just a little misleading. 

When we partner with a Chinese, Vietnamese or Danish supplier, it's simply because their quality and value for money is second to none. Their factories are state of the art and they service a world market. Yes, these mattresses are definitely mass produced, yet they are extremely well made. 

In New Zealand, we can't compete when it comes to value for money in this sector of the market. We 'mass produce' on a tiny scale comparatively, with a much higher labour component — marketing hype can only go so far! 

What we do best in New Zealand is make beautiful, hand made, more natural products. We proudly support the Kiwi companies that build these products. 

At Sleep Space, we are happy to demystify the process when you're selecting your next sleep system. 

- Deb, Col & Kian. 


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