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The Dreamwool Paradise mattress has a beautiful softness to spoil you for comfort. Enjoy generous layers of 100% pure merino wool and latex, to which we have added 1000's of calico encased micro coil springs along with our Danish made micro pocketsprings for a wonderful, supportive sleep.

Experience the levitating effect of the calico micro-coil pocket springs, combined with the luxury of 100% pure merino wool for full body comfort. Below the comfort layers lies 100% natural latex supporting and conforming to your body. Our sustainable, industry leading 100% natural latex infused with activated charcoal offers unrivalled plushness and conformity, with the added benefits of being cooler, fresher and cleaner than traditional latex.

Wools remarkable structure allows moisture vapour to penetrate it, while at the same time, repelling liquid moisture. The wool fibre is trapping millions of tiny air pockets, thus creating wools thermal insulation properties.

The support system of the Paradise mattress is a a full sized Danish micro pocket spring unit, with approximately 500 individually heat tempered springs per square metre. Available in soft, medium and firm comfort using different spring gauges.

A Queen mattress contains an amazing 9.5kgs of pure NZ Merino wool. Every night Spirulina sea vitamins infused into the Tencel fabric are released as an energy booster, to improve skin rejuvenation and the functionality of the immune system.

Foam and glue free.
No synthetic fillings.
10 year warranty.

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