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The Perfect Fit: Finding the Right Size Mattress for You

Just like our wide range of mattresses, we’re all unique. Each of us have different body shapes, sleeping positions and living spaces, which is why choosing the right sized mattress is so important — have a partner that takes up more than their fair share of the bed? Upsizing could solve that. Are you tall or someone who tends to move down the bed while sleeping? A king single will provide you with a bit of extra leg room. Whatever your requirements are, at Sleep Space there’s a p...

June 23, 2022

New Zealand’s largest range of hand built bespoke beds!

Unlike the production line products that most major bedding brands pump out, at Sleep Space our hand built beds are handcrafted with integrity.  When we say we use natural NZ wool - that’s exactly what we mean, not thin strands of wool combined with synthetic fibre. When we say Merino - that’s what you get. We can even tell you the station the merino was sourced from! When we say we use latex - it is the best and purest available, not the cheap filler infused product...

May 12, 2022

Unpicking the ‘mystery of the mattress’ - what is really in your mattress?

It’s quite simple really, once you know what you’re looking for, but retailers will try to confuse you at every turn to give themselves an advantage in their quest for your hard earned dollar. Firstly, once you get past the marketing terminology that is put there to convince you that the best mattress for you is exclusive to the particular shop you’re in, you will find that, in most cases, the almost identical product can be bought from any number of retailers. In a minute we will go throu...

September 27, 2021

Max’s Sleep Tips

Max is our seven year old Birman. Max doesn’t chase or kill birds. Max doesn’t jealously guard his territory from other cats. Max preens himself and… Max sleeps. And sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps! Max has kindly consented to share his wisdom through his “sleep tips” blog on our website. As we are in the midst of a humid Auckland summer he has offered the following advice…...

January 18, 2021

“Cooling technology” in beds – too good to be true?

A lot of hot air is talked by some mattress salespeople selling the benefits of “cooling” layers, either in or on top of mattresses. There is a very simple way to test the effectiveness of these so called “miracle layers”. To be most effective, this “cooling layer” should sit in the top layer of your bed. To test it out, try this: Touch the surface. Does it feel cool to touch? Yes! So far, so good! Now… sit on it for 30 seconds. Then, stand up and place your hand on it again. It ...

December 14, 2020

What sets Sleep Space apart?

Well, first and foremost we like to think our personal service and industry knowledge are undeniably second to none. You see, we are truly a family business with well over 30 years in the bedding industry. Further to that, Deb and I are passionate about finding the right sleep solution for our customers within a budget that suits the individual. Sometimes the right solution might be a mix of products, depending on what we glean from a thorough conversation with you, our clients....

November 20, 2020

Why an adjustable bed IS for everyone!

Did you know that ONE in FOUR New Zealander’s are not getting enough sleep? You may think that you are well rested – but the truth is, adults need at least seven hours of sleep a night. And teenagers and children need even more! So why is it that we are struggling to sleep well New Zealand? Some of the reasons are pain, discomfort, and generally not being able to relax with the busy lives we lead. We are in an age of Go, Go, Go! Everything is fast-paced, and it can be hard to settle down at ...

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